2010年 米・オレゴン州ポートランドにあるナイキ本社への壁画制作、2012年にはブランド「MIHARAYASUHIRO(ミハラヤスヒロ)」のパリコレクションの舞台にて、JUN INOUEコラボ新作の発表とライブペインティング、南フランス最大の音楽祭「Worldwide Festival」でもライブペイントを行うなど、ファッションや音楽ともリンクし多技に渡り作品を発表。国内を始め、海外ではメルボルン、パリなどでも数々の個展を開催している。

Visualizing the abstract “Sen” inspired from the sensitive aspect of authentic spirit in Japanese traditional craftsmanship, Jun Inoue expresses his one and only style in the artwork. Not only inheriting the tradition, he also blends original modern sense to attract the viewer. The expression of Jun Inoue continuously changes its style to match the scene and situation, starting from plane canvas to apparel design and display design.

Jun Inoue has been participated multiple of projects, such as painting mural for headquarter of NIKE in Oregon in 2010, launching JUN INOUE collaboration item from MIHARAYASUHIRO and participated in Paris Collection 2012 as live painting performer, and participated in “Worldwide Festival,” the biggest music festival in Southern France, as live painting performer. Not only collaborating and launching artworks in various cultures, he is also holding numerous solo exhibitions in Japan, Melbourne, Paris and other countries oversea to widen his carrier.