“Naoki “SAND” Yamamoto”

1979年生まれ、東京在住。フリーデザイナーとしてグラフィックデザインをベースに活動。そのプロダクトやアパレルデザイン、ショップウィンドウ等、場所と手法を選ばすに表現を楽しむ。グラフィックレーベル「SAYHELLO」の他、ペインターとしてもペインティング集団「81 BASTARDS」に参加。独自の視点で全ての物をPOPに切り取る。

Born in 1979, living life in Tokyo.
Basically, doing graphic designing as a free designer.
He enjoys his representation such as his product, apparel design, shop-window arrangement and so on, no matter where and how.
Participating a painting group “81BASTARDS” as a painter other than graphic label “SAYHELLO”.
He cuts out everything pop through his own perspective.

Q1 : Firstly can you tell us your background including your career?
Pop art and graphic design.
Q2 : What age have you started your activity as an artist, and what did motivate you?
I’ve been good at drawing since I was a kid, so I entered art school.
When I was around 22, I drew a thing for T-shirt design and it was my first. Since then, I draw and make variety of things.
Q3 : Do you think art influences people? If you do, what kind of thing does it?
I do think so. I also want to create such things.
Q4 : Do you have anything to pay attention when you do your work?
To show the idea obviously, and try as new as possible.
Q5 : This time, RUTSUBO held up “JAPAN” as the theme, and could you let us know how you projected the theme to your artwork?
Simple pattern, something mellow.
Q6 : Finally, please describe what made you to participate RUTUBO project.
Because I think RUTSUBO figures out styles of various artists, and connect them to the product well.
I feel sympathy for that thought, so I joined with my pleasure.


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