Born on 1974 in Tokyo.
Japanese artist famous for his pen drawing, which shows his original worldview in black and white,and has produced a number of artistic works of silk-screen prints to oil painting.
He also has an established reputation with his creative works genre widely such as advertisements, products, WEB designs, designs in hair salons and restaurants and writing articles for magazines.
His artworks are a blend of digital andanalog taste. Supports with enthusiasms for charity activities and grom surfing.
16 years has passed since he established his own apprarel label, Cloveru, which has many fans.
Not only influenced by Taro Okamoto, Barry McGee, Sailor Jerry, Peter Max, Marc Newson but also his grandfather who loved painting and his father who loved Jazz.
Worthy to keep an eye on him to see what he will challenge next.

向こうと行き来している頃から仕事的でない着たいモノを着たくなり、「Life style & co.」と言うTシャツを作り始めたのがきっかけかな。
Q1 : Firstly can you tell us your background including your career?
Well, I guess it’s to have fun.
I think it’s origin comes from ocean.
I consciously make environment to create necessary source from a pastime. Actually, I keep doing “board” stuff.
Since there was no such internet environment in my youth, my best textbook was how much I can steal the style from rad elder friends.
There are many rad people both in town and nature in terms of pastime.
In such circumstances, naturally got into music and lifestyle. Dramatic change was after I started working in US. Base of my current work was created in a factory in ホイッティア It was like “feeling keenly”. I was kind of shocked.
At that time, everything was the coolest. US was the best place as well.
I learned way of graphic and particular taste of origin from ANALOG, and then, I worked for designing office and architect company to learn more for my independence.
Q2 : What age have you started your activity as an artist, and what did motivate you?
Since when I went and back between japan and US, I’d felt like wearing what I want to ware but not business like.
Then, I started making T-shirt named “Life style & co.”, and that was beginning.
Much before that, I liked used clothes because I had no money and its style feels like unrefined and that’s US-ish, I thought with my own stereotype “at that time”.
But only T-shirts were worn a lot by my dawgs. It was like that, and that was the root.
Although it can be related to the story above that my sense is kind of held at the time I got huge impact when I was 19, and I’m still doing things which I think “sick”.
So my own brand is like this no matter how the movement of fashion is.
I guess passion might be more important to me also for my work.
I mean I prefer to keep an environment for dudes and kids to wear what they think cool and nice, and getting older with them rather than taking profit and “nice-sound” branding.
I guess that’s the reason I keep doing this.
I probably like brands which seems good, but tough to find out.
In these days, it seems rare to find an underground brand which can be clearly seen the creator and craftsmen’s background.
Q3 : Do you think art influences people? If you do, what kind of thing does it?
I do think so.
It has same power as music, I believe.
Reputation would depend on individual, but as long as it fits a person, happiness comes out.
Good drawing in normal life gives the person motivated for the day, and the person can be relaxed by that artwork sometimes. Such a nice thing.
I want to keep drawing to be the one of those things, and be seen and felt by many more people.
Q4 : Do you have anything to pay attention when you do your work?
To show the idea obviously, and try as new as possible.
Q5 : This time, RUTSUBO held up “JAPAN” as the theme, and could you let us know how you projected the theme to your artwork?
Although it’s basic thing, drawing hat I can convinced first.
There is no 100% because creating artwork goes for my entire life, so I can keep drawing every time.
Although it’s not childbirth, I prepare the environment.
Then, I won’t start until I can imagine and focus clearly the landing point including the process.
That’s why it takes long time, but it’s like I start and go all at once when my right and left brain are synchronized.
Q6 : Finally, please describe what made you to participate RUTUBO project.
IRUTSUBO is a brand I regularly use, and also I can see ZAKIMIYA’s sense of values through over it.
As well, the brand links me.
That’s why I participated.
Besides, I was honestly motivated to participate because RUTSUBO makes its way and dispatch to the public relating with many artists having enthusiasm, even though styles are different.


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