“Sticky Monster Lab”

Sticky Monster Lab
Sticky Monster Labは2007年に設立された多様なバックグラウンドを持つメンバーで構成された多くの専門分野にわたる創作スタジオです。
さらにCJ、Daewoo Engineering and Construction、Nike、Nissanなどの世界的な企業とのコラボレーションも成功させています。

Korea’s Representative Creative Multiplayer
Sticky Monster Lab.
Sticky Monster Lab, a multidisciplinary creative studio founded in 2007, consists of members with various creative backgrounds. They have produced and released short animations that contain everyday stories in the monster world, which arouses sympathy by reflecting our reality. Through a comprehensive approach that covers various scope of works including illustration, graphic design, animation, motion graphic and product design, they actively work and expand the boundary of the monster world. Also, they have successfully collaborated with global corporations such as CJ, Daewoo Engineering and Construction, Nike, Nissan, etc.
SML is already attracting international attention with its peculiar wit and freshness. The monster character looks cute and simple at first sight but with a deeper look, it brilliantly reveals the dark side of reality. Surprisingly profound messages and emotional details hidden beneath its simplicity naturally leave the audience with strong impressions. Fusing works with its unique personality regardless of genre, SML shows that its possibilities are endless.

Q1 : Firstly can you tell us your background including your career?
Designed furniture, snowboarding, skateboarding and bicycle.
Q2 : What age have you started your activity as an artist, and what did motivate you?
I was 24 years old.
I just wanted to draw an artwork which fits my favorite furniture by myself.
Q3 : Do you think art influences people? If you do, what kind of thing does it?
I want to keep creating art pieces which enrich people’s heart. That’s it.
Q4 : Do you have anything to pay attention when you do your work?
It’s different between interior wall paint and panel art.
Interior wall paint is to show the space better than before without feeling something is wrong.
For panel art, I imagine the room first, and add my ideas of decoration.
At my exhibition, I imagine rooms in my mind for each art piece, so it is assembly of room interior.
Q5 : This time, RUTSUBO held up “JAPAN” as the theme, and could you let us know how you projected the theme to your artwork?
I didn’t think about Japan this time because I already am Japanese, and have an identity to be born and grown in Aizu-Wakamatsu.
Q6 : Finally, please describe what made you to participate RUTUBO project.
Project itself seemed interesting, as well as idea of twin-tip.


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